About Us

Our Story

During these trying times, fitness and good health had never been more vital than before. Since gyms and places are in lockdown, the need for a home-based fitness solution is highly in-demand. 

Nicolas, the proud proprietor of the Home Gym Supreme, had also experienced the same. Initially, he was trying to build a home fitness studio to stay in shape without going outside. Little did he know, he was up for something great. While having a hard-time seeking gym equipment, he realized that he could do better. At that moment, the Home Gym Supreme is born.

Our Mission

Home Gym Supreme dedicates itself to providing the best gym equipment to everyone. During these difficult times, we stand by on the importance of staying inside and maintaining wellness. With this in mind, we always strive to give our customers the convenience they want and need for safety. 

We make sure that our products and services are easy to use and sustain. Indeed, we aim for the best, but we also prioritize our offerings to be highly effective in keeping users in shape. Staying at home shouldn't hinder the ability to enjoy life and achieve sound health.

Our Products

The products we deliver are guaranteed safe, reliable, and functional. We only craft from the best material. Our staff are highly-skilled and experienced that everything they create will satisfy every user's needs. We stand by our promise to make our products affordable so that everyone can stay in shape while at home. 

Our inventory consists of well-made treadmills and cardio training equipment. All of these are suitable for home gyms, carefully tested, and include generous warranty and support. The value they bring effortlessly outweighs their cost. 

Our Values

In developing our products, we always incorporate the idea of helping people achieve their fitness goals. From planning to production, we view and judge everything in our inventory on the customer's shoes. We're proud and confident that the products we sell are high-quality and effective. We do not compromise our users for money; we're a people-first company.

We offer highly accessible support, for we believe that everyone deserves assistance, especially now. Our support team consists of professional, accommodating, and understanding specialists.

At (HGS) Home Gym Supreme, we value our colleagues, customers, and staff. We're thankful for their dedication to creating various outstanding products. Our values will always remain the same: understand, innovate, and provide.