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USB Rechargeable Batteries (Set of 2)

Long Lasting & Eco Friendly!

Stop spending! Start saving! With over an estimated 15 billion alkaline batteries made and thrown away each year - These offer an ECO alternative and can be re-used hundreds of times. Saving you money, hassle and waste! Fits any, & all USB ports or your money back!  

Single pack of two saves you an average of $200-$300! 

  • 1450mAh Capacity: Each AA battery contains a 1450mAh capacity
  • Quick Charge: 1-2 hrs charge time
  • Money Saving: Reusable up to 1000+ times, 
  • Environmentally Friendly: CE / FCC / ROHS certified
  • Durable Design: No dangerous acid leaks, or corrosion!
  • Long Lasting: 4-5 hour running time. 

Durable, Efficient Design!

    Smart indicator ring will show red when charging and blue when fully charged. Integrated design avoids dangerous acid leakage or corrosion, a great replacement of traditional non-rechargeable AA batteries. No adapter needed, simply plug into any usb outlet. 

    Great Alternative To Regular AA Batteries! 

    Must have for any family! Suitable for flashlights, wireless mouse, keyboards, clock, game controllers and any other AA battery enabled devices... 

    Product Specs:

    2 x USB Rechargeable Battery 

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