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Smart Wallet

You've not only lost your wallet, you've lost it all! Driver's Licence, Cash, Credit Cards, Membership Cards...gone in a second! 

Now you need to replace all these, fill in paperwork, and pay the steep fees that come with it. At the end of it all you may have lost hundreds if not thousands of dollars in the process. 

Let's face it, losing your wallet is not only a pain, but it can also be expensive.

Here is where the Smart Wallet comes in...

Designed to alert you when you've left your wallet/phone behind, the Smart Wallet connects to your phone via Bluetooth. With its dedicated app available for iOS and Android phones you can:

  • Receive an alert when you are leaving your wallet behind
  • Locate your wallet via the built-in locator
  • Locate your phone by pressing the built-in wallet button
  • Set a marker when you park your car to find your vehicle more easily later
  • Trigger a "bird ring" sound to locate your phone
  • Use your wallet as a phone camera shutter remote
  • Use the wallet's LED flashing light for low-light conditions

Save yourself the headache and expense of losing your wallet.
Order your smart wallet today!