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USmart Electric Neck and Shoulder Massager

Constantly cracking your neck bones to get relief?

The neck is such a delicate part of our body but holds a huge responsibility of keeping our heavy heads in place. Neck pain is by far one of the most common pains before even back pain happens. When human massage is not an option, the next best thing would be our heated neck massager. This neck massager works on teenagers to adults, for anyone who suffers from moderate to severe neck pains.


Users' guide

1.Before use, first wet the neck and shoulder, then wear the product to theneck, so that the electrode is closely stick to the neck and shoulder.adiust the product position, open the host and adiust the appropriate massage strength.

2.Press the button of the host for two seconds, the host starts (withbuzzer "beep" sound, LOGO lights on), into the default mode.automatically heating, default gear (gear 1). Every time press the button "+", the buzzer "beep" sound, the strenath increases one gear until gear 10. Press the-'button again, and the buzzer"beep"to lower one gear until gear one, Press the button of the main engine for two seconds, buzzer "beep" two times, product shutdown.

3.The host is timed for 15 minutes. When the mainframe is open, it wil shut down automatically in 30 seconds if the product is not normally worn and used

Charging for host

When out of power, you can insert one end of the Micro-USB cable into the host and the other end into the mobile phone charger with Android head (output is 5V1A/2A), When charaina, the LOGO lamo flickers and stops fickering when full of power.

*4 massage heads, 4 head drive, at the same time massage neck and shoulder.

*43 degrees of hot moxibustion, relax the tendons and activate the collaterals.

*3 automatic modes, tens of thousands of lines of code written comfortably by pressing E to enjoy.

*10 level power

*15 minutes of automatic timing, enjoy sometimes, relax properly.

* smart sensor 15 seconds no use, automatic power off and shutdown.

* pure copper electrode plate, gold plated massage head, strong conductivity, massage exquisite.

* breathing lamp LOGO, let your brand light up.