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Moustache Oil Lanthome 10 ml

4 Bottles are a treatment course, we recommend you try 3 bottles totally
  • For eyelash thicker and growth, recommend one bottle. See the obvious result in 20-30 days.
  • For eyebrow thicker and growth.Recommend 2 bottles. See the obvious result in 30 days.
  • For temples growth thicker, Recommend 2-3 bottles. See the obvious result in 40days.
  • For Beards Growth thicker, Recommend at least 3 bottles. See the obvious result in 50-60 days
Use: sooner or later each take a small amount of essence in front of the mirror carefully applied to the hair root, if the effect is quick, can be coated 4 to 5 times a day. Under normal circumstances the use of 1 to 2 months hair will be improved, the normal use of the state of a bottle (20ml) available for a month, such as the use of the increased area, the use of increased or increased use of the number of times with the use of time to reduce.