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Indestructible Safety Shoes

Steel Toe

Steel toe work shoes help to protect feet from falling or rolling objects. Our larger steel toe box makes your toes breath and spread out, the way they were meant to, and it allows room to move and flex, preventing pinching when the foot is hyper-flexed

 Steel toe shoes


Slip-resistant and anti-static

Slip-resistant outsoles are tested following the ASTM F11677-2005 Mark II testing standards on clean Red Quarry tile. Using this test, all slip-resistant outsoles meet or exceed a result of 0.40 under wet/oily conditions.

 Slip resistant and anti-static

Reflective strip

LARNMERN shoes have reflective stripes, which help to improve customer’s night work and walking safety.

Reflective strip


Arch support

Work insole supported by the arch is ergonomic, that can make the foot more evenly stressed and more comfortable to use. The insole adds softness and breathability.

Arch support