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Toothpaste Dispenser

  • Large capacity: Unique structural design saves space for you. You will have 4 cups for brushing (two large cups, two small cups), 5 electric or ordinary toothbrush holders, 2 toothpaste extruders, and 1 storage compartment. Keep your counter clean and tidy.
  • Double Toothpaste Extruder: Compared to other products, we have two toothpaste extruders, which are dual-combination toothpaste extruders that can help you use morning toothpaste and evening toothpaste separately. Or adults and children separately use, convenient, healthy, is an exclusive custom high-quality toiletries.
  • Environmental protection: The toothpaste dispenser and toothpaste squeezer kits are made of environmentally-friendly silicone, and the brackets and cups are made of high-quality ABS materials that are odor-free and safe to use.
  • Dustproof: toothbrush holder with dust cap, inverted cup design. Dustproof, fast drain, antibacterial and easy to clean, more hygienic and healthy.
  • Easy wall installation: no drilling, no nails, easy installation without damaging the wall, use strong no trace tape, stable and safe.