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Get bigger and bulkier arm with the Marcy Wrist and Forearm Developer! Created to let you achieve a toned and better-looking physique, this exercise tool specifically targets the flexor and extensor muscles to give you buff arms! Build your strength day to day to improve your catching ability, your stick-handling in hockey, and your ball control in basketball with this fitness gear.

Perfect for fitness amateurs and gym buffs alike, this workout gear lets you perform a wide variety of exercises that will tone and develop your forearms. This innovative gym gear strengthens the forearms, wrists, and fingers to increase your grip strength.

This forearm and wrist exerciser is made of premium steel that’s guaranteed to resist damage and corrosion from sweat, humidity, and other environmental factors. Additionally, this workout accessory features a variable resistance system that allows you to track your progresses. It works by increasing the resistance toward to concentric phase of the lift, letting you experience greater tension in your muscles and gain better results from the exercise. Designed to accommodate every hand and arm shape, this exercise tool also has adjustable bars, allowing you to create the perfect and most comfortable fit for your forearms. The panel ensures precise targeting of the arm muscles, guaranteeing that each area’s specific muscle group receives enough tension to facilitate growth and development.

The Marcy WEDGE measures 14.5 x 8 x 6. Its compact structure allows you to easily and conveniently store it at home without taking up too much space.

Whether it’s for your home gym or for professional use, the Marcy wrist and forearm strengthener will kick your fitness routine up a notch! Flex your way to more muscular arms with this premium fitness gear from Marcy.