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Camera and DSLR Instant Belt Buckle

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Tired of Dangling your DSLR while Exploring and Moving?

Release your neck and shoulder from unnecessary pressure. Your camera will not swing or dangle anymore.

Your expensive DSLR/Camera will be safe and will not bump in case of movement or squatting
Easily attach your DSLR to your Belt !
For 100% Security Use the Lock
  • Compatible with any DSLR Camera with 1/4″ standard tripod stud screw, also designed for video cameras and compact digital cameras.
  • Material: high hardness plastic and aluminum, load weight up to 15kg. 
  • Convenient: Can be attached to any belt or strap, waist or shoulder bag strap.
  • Light Weight: can be easily stored in any travel bag or purse.
  • Occasions: Outings, travel, events, studio and family outdoor activities.

This offer is valid for the Next 20 Orders only