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Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator Keyboard Shortcuts


This silicone sleeve helps you to improve your workflow by showing the most common and useful shortcuts for Adobe Photoshop! 
Cheat sheet on your fingers!

✔️ Silicone, Dust-proof, Waterproof. 
✔️ Anti-bacterial properties 
✔️ Strong and durable 
✔️ Easy to apply 
✔️ Fits any contour of your keyboard 
✔️ Unique thinness gives an excellent feeling 

Compatible with: ALL MacBook and iMac models. Also, fit on an Apple iMac keyboard and a wireless keyboard. If your wireless keyboard accepts AA batteries, it is compatible with our case

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UPDATE: Due to the huge demand on social, the Photoshop Keyboard is sold out fast, on = on!